Why End of Lease Cleaning is Important

End of lease cleaning is also known as vacated cleaning and moving out. It is not a simple task or not takes a lot of time and energy but also overcome you emotionally and physically.

End of lease cleaning means when you move out from a residential or commercial place to a new place you call professional to clean the premises. If you are tenant, you need to arrange cleaning services for cleaning of your leased out property, RNC Cleaning Services company right for you and your property.

It is important that property should be cleaned before a new tenant moves in so previous tenants are expected to maintain cleaning standard of property as per Real Estate guidelines. Properties owners ask Real Estate agents to keep their property maintain especially cleaning wise. Therefore, Property Managers keep Bond money as a security.

Why should you hire end of lease cleaners from RNC Cleaning Services rather cleaning yourself?

  1. At RNC, Cleaning professionals helps you to get your Full BOND BACK.
  2. We will save your time as “Time is also Money”.
  3. Provides professional cleaning standard.
  4. We have all the necessary cleaning products and equipment.
  5. Cleaning products are harmful but our cleaning team is trained enough to be handled them carefully.
  6. Will maintain your relation with owner or Property Agents.

What are the services offered in End of lease cleaning and imperative yet neglected areas to focus while end of lease cleaning:

  • Detail cleaning of Kitchen including Oven, cabinets from In/Out sides, Rang hood, Bench top, sink.
  • Detail cleaning of Bathroom including shower screen, scrub tiles and grout cleaning, remove mold, cobwebs, wipe doors and door handles, water taps.
  • Detail cleaning of Bedrooms including ward robs, windows, skirting boards, wall marks, light fitting and switches, cobweb removal.

How much does it cost in Australia?

The starting cost of an End of lease cleaning services around $135, but the price can be affected according to your property area and condition. If the property doesn’t need deep cleaning the price can significantly drop.

Get in touch with us to find about our End of lease cleaning service along other services such as Commercial cleaning, Office cleaning, After Builder cleaning. We will not only clean your property thoroughly but also give a 100% guarantee to get your bond back.

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RNC Cleaning Services is a family owned cleaning business where you can get guarantee of quality, great service, and customer satisfaction every time.

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