Importance of disinfecting surfaces in the control and prevention of COVID 19

Do you need to clean the premises several times a day to reduce the spread of COVID 19?

Besides an important question, it also creates doubts and debate. Ideally, sensitive surfaces (hospitals and clinics, office receptions, production units, laboratory, etc.) should be disinfected with high frequency, at any time of the day. In indoor spaces, controlled environments, critical and semi-critical areas, shopping malls, commercial establishments and other corporate spaces, disinfection should always be done by highly trained professionals and equipped with all mandatory PPE’s.

It is why; you must hire professional disinfection and cleaning Company at affordable prices to guarantee maximum deep cleaning for the safety of the premises (both residential and commercial). Don’t risk your team. Count on those who have mastered the subject and follow all the rules.

The frequency must be recurrent.

The virus can survive for hours or days on surfaces, and with each new contact, there is a further risk of potential contamination. In hospital environments, there is a movement on the covers at all times, whether to assist a patient, use equipment or another situation. The same occurs in a food handling industry and supermarkets so every facility has different needs and operation.

Is cleaning only effective against the coronavirus?

No. Normal cleaning does not precede any process of decontamination, hospital disinfection or high-level disinfection. However, it is an action that removes organic matter and microorganisms but does not eradicate microorganisms from the surface. Therefore, disinfection, sanitization, and decontamination are the necessary processes to eliminate viruses and bacteria to achieve a controlled environment.

While looking for a professional cleaning company for Disinfection, Sanitizations and Deep Office cleaning, you must keep three aspects in mind: The online reputation of the company, affordable budget and skilled team. You can arrange a Disinfect cleaning with End of lease cleaning as well to give an impression of safety to your new tenant.


The pandemic caused by the Covid-19 has put the whole world on alert. In this scenario, reinforcing hygiene care, preventing contamination, control spreading of virus is the essential activities. Proper disinfection is considered to be one of the most effective ways to fight the coronavirus. Now, you must have an idea the significance of Disinfection to the premises frequently, it is time to hire a true professional to keep your property as a safe work place.

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